The principal function of the Cake Safeguard is to protect guest from germs and saliva from the person who blows out the candles at a birthday or anniversary celebration. Anywhere from 100 to well over 10,000 germs can be spread from blowing out candles on an unprotected cake.

The Cake Safeguard is manufactured for your protection from tin and steel, it is a fire proof cover which is temporarily attached on top of a transparent plastic cake cover in-order to see your beautiful decorated cake inside. The Cake Safeguard is designed to hold 10 to 19 candles to be blown out in a traditional celebration.

The Cake Safeguard candle holders can accommodate two different candle sizes small and large. The paint on the Cake Safeguard is FDA approved for food safety.

A small plastic magnetized display for inserting a date, age, picture or anniversary statement.

Is included for your display. The magnetized metal holder can also be used to hold two large number candles for age identification at the center of the cake cover top.

Easy clean up and dishwasher safe.

cake safeguard 2.JPG